Start the Year Off Right

If eating healthier is on your list for 2024, then consider this new share. It is best suited for a lean, protein-rich diet - whether you’re an athlete or just want great meal-prep friendly options for you and the family.

Shop Local and Sustainable Shares

Buying a share is a sustainable, ethical way to eat meat,  because you’re directly supporting local farmers who use regenerative farming practices. Shares ensure that the whole animal is used, significantly reducing food waste.

Healthy Start Details


- 3 packages of pot roast, cut into “stir fry” strips, thinly sliced 

- 2 Brisket, thinly sliced 1 Cross-Rib Roast 

- 3 packages of Ribeye Steaks (2 per package) 

- 1 packages of Flanken Ribs (2lbs) 

- 1 packages of Boneless Stew Meat (1-1.5lbs) 

- 22 packages of lean Ground Beef (15% fat content)


Approximately $680 (priced by lb)

About 85lbs finished weight

Why Source Farms?


Better for you, better for the planet. Grass-fed meats are delicious, well-marbled and richer in Omega 3s, Vitamin E & D, and CLA.

Plus, positive environmental impacts: fewer fossil fuels used in production, more land in permanent pastures and less in frequently plowed row crops that require more chemicals, more fossil fuels and more irrigation.

Locally Raised

Source Farms products have all been raised responsibly by real farmers, carefully selected, in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Our beef is sustainably raised by our partners, Coleman Ranch, in Molalla. This rewarding relationship is the cornerstone of Source Farms’ outstanding beef brand.

Have Questions?

What is a share?

Simply put, a share is a whole, half, quarter, eighth, or sixteenth of an animal—bought directly from our farmers. Since you’re supporting farms committed to using practices that care for animals and the planet, shares are one of the best ways to purchase meat in a sustainable, ethical way.

Learn more about beef shares HERE.

What do the cows eat?

All beef sold by Source Farms is grass-fed and grass-finished. 

Grass-fed and grass-finished means simply that. Any animal that is labeled this way has only consumed grass in their lifetime. The two animals that only eat grass are lambs and cattle. Both these animals are ruminants, meaning they have multiple stomachs with their own microbiomeswhich allow the sugars within pasture grass and hay to be converted to energy and mass. 

How much freezer space do I need for a share?

We want to make sure you have space before you pick up your share. Below breaks it out for you. FYI, beef keeps well in the freezer for at least two years, so pack that thing full! 

  • Quarter beef - requires a 5-cubic-foot freezer. 
  • Eighth beef - fits in your standard kitchen refrigerator/freezer with room to spare, about 2.5 cubic feet.