What's Included

Source Farms Premium Steak Flight

2 Ribeye Steaks

2 New York Steaks

Ken Wright Cellars 2 Bottle Package

2021 Ken Wright Cellars, Tanager Vineyard, Yamhill-Carlton AVA, Pinot Noir

2021 Ken Wright Cellars, Bryce Vineyard, Ribbon Ridge AVA, Pinot Noir

2 Oregon Pinot Noir glasses by Riedel Stemware

Pricing: $299

About Source Farms

From 100% grass-fed & grass-finished beef and lamb, pastured poultry, forested pork, to sustainable wild-caught seafood and vegetables in season — Source Farms is your go-to for high-quality ingredients, raised responsibly by real farmers in the Willamette Valley and fisherman in the Pacific Northwest. Here, you’ll always find deliciously good food that you can feel great about eating, no matter what you’re cooking up in the kitchen.

About Ken Wright

After 45 years of wine making experience Ken Wright Cellars believes in a simple truth: source is everything. Their approach to the craft of wine growing is one of stewardship rather than manipulation. They use organic certified practices as a base and expand upon that with advanced nutrition-based farming. By analyzing both their soil profile and vines, maintaining proper crop levels, personally sampling each vineyard, and hand-sorting each cluster, they ensure that the inherent character in their fruit is revealed in the finished wine. Minimal handling of wine is essential to preserve what it is; a gift of nature.