Source Farms' Turkeys come from our founding farm, Tabula Rasa Farms, just a few miles up the road from our farm stand in Yamhill.

Our Broad Breasted Black Turkeys are raised on pasture from the time they’re poults (a baby turkey). Having the freedom to roam the land, these beautiful birds get to express their true turkey tendencies like eating grass and pecking for insects. With a longer, leaner frame, these heritage turkeys are mix of curious and docile which makes them really fun for the farmers to raise.

Turkeys from Tabula Rasa Farms

Founded in 2015, Tabula Rasa Farms is devoted to the permaculture and regenerative agricultural movement, raising healthy animals that enrich the soil and sequester greenhouse gases. They display a steadfast commitment to doing right by people, animals, and the planet. We work with them constantly to make sure our highest standards are met in all areas of their operations and processes, every single day. We know that when you nourish the land and its inhabitants, it nourishes back. Our farmers don’t just grow food, they raise it, with community health in mind.

Turkey Pricing

Whole Turkeys

Approx. $8.55/lb

Our turkeys average 15-20lbs

Deposit required at time of reservation: $50

Turkey harvest season is limited to October (ready 10/21) and November (ready 11/11) this year. We’ll have a limited number of birds available, so we encourage you to put your order in as soon as possible. 

Have Questions?

What do they eat?

These birds enjoy organic feed that is corn and soy free, supplemented by whatever they forage for in the hills, fields, and forest lands of the farm. Their meat is rich in flavor, a direct result of a varied diet and plenty of exercise.

Why do you require a deposit?

Buying meat in bulk as a share is the most economical way to source the highest quality meat, raised regeneratively, and in direct support of your land stewards. Requiring a deposit will allow us to sustainably plan the herd with our farming partners, ensuring they will have the correct amount of animals at the time of harvest. 

We are requiring a deposit for new reservations on any animal share, including beef, pork, lamb, and poultry. This deposit will be required for all customers. Deposits are becoming industry standard, and as we grow and adjust to that growth, we’re following that standard.

How does the deposit work?

Here's what you can expect:

  • Invoice and deposit are issued via email at the time of booking your reservation with a 1-week due date for the deposit to be paid.
  • Final notice will be given 6 weeks prior to the harvest date if any changes need to be made. This would be the last chance for you to move your share and deposit to a later date if absolutely needed without a loss of your deposit. Any changes after that 6 week period will result in a loss of your deposit.