Responsibly Raised

Custom Half Beef

per pound

Can be customized to your needs. If you don’t want custom cuts, we can give you double what’s in the Split Quarter Sampler. To learn more about what’s included, get in touch.

Hanging/Billed Weight ≈ 340lbs at $5.80/lb.
Yield ≈ 224lb of Finished Meat

Approx. $1,980

Freezer Space: Requires around 11 cubic feet to store.

Responsibly Raised Meats

From 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured poultry, forested pork, to sustainable wild-caught seafood and vegetables in season — Source Farms is your go-to for high-quality ingredients, raised responsibly by real farmers in the Willamette Valley and fisherman in the Pacific Northwest. Here, you’ll always find deliciously good food that you can feel great about eating, no matter what you’re cooking up in the kitchen.