A half beef includes a front quarter plus a hind quarter, a total of seven primal chunks. The price for a half cow is $6.75/pound hanging weight. This is an all-inclusive price with no additional fees for processing, etc. The price includes kill fee, carcass disposal fee, 12 days of dry-aging, custom cuts and wraps, labeling and freezing (with optional bones, fat, and organs at no extra charge). A half beef can range from 290-400 pounds, with most falling between 345-350 pounds. The total price is about $2,295. We charge by the pound and each half is different.

What You Get

A half cow yields about 66% finish-to-hang, meaning for a 340-pound hanging weight half cow, you can expect 225 pounds of finished meat (cut and wrapped and not counting bones, fat, and organs). We suggest around 11 cubic feet of freezer storage for this. You are welcome to request a smaller or larger half beef by weight.

How Your Beef is Packaged

Steaks and roasts are double-wrapped in butcher paper with each cut labeled. Ground beef is packaged in one-to-two-pound vacuum tubes, the specific package size is up to you. Your beef will keep well in the freezer for at least two years with no deterioration of flavor and texture and no freezer burn. Source Farms offers a full money-back guarantee, the only farm we know of to do such a thing. That means you will love your beef or we will buy it back and eat it ourselves!

Note that the cooler you keep your freezer, the better and longer everything in it will keep. If this is more meat than you bargained for, yes, we offer smaller shares.

What Cuts are Included?

One of the special pleasures of ordering a custom half beef is getting the meat cut and wrapped exactly as you like. We strive to make this as stress-free as possible. Please check out our blog posts on Front Quarter and Rear Quarter, a half beef includes one of each.

At the highest level, you can expect about 50% ground beef, 20% roasts, 20% steaks, and 10% miscellaneous cuts like ribs, cross-cut shanks, and stew meat. There is a wide latitude here to adjust to your preferences. Steaks can be any thickness you prefer and roasts can be of any size. We strive to adhere to your family size and cooking preferences.

A  half beef provides a year’s worth of meals for a typical family of four. It’s delivered in about eight of these boxes, but the exact box number can vary depending on the weight of the animal, custom cuts, extra bones, etc. 

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Some customers have told us that they’re not sure which cuts to request. Relax! Really, this is the fun part. We’re not here to judge you knowledge of cattle anatomy. The right way to cut is the way that works best for you, period. Beef is simple, wholesome food and we like to keep it that way—uncomplicated. Our half beef cut sheet walks you through the process with easy questions.

How to Reserve

To reserve, phone us at (503) 730-7535 or email us at myfarmer@sourcefarms.love. 

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