By Farmers, For the Greater Community

Our collective didn’t just come together by chance. We assembled to both support each other and farm for a better future. Through care and respect for the lands, oceans, and their inhabitants, we are after a better food system. That shared goal drives our actions and inspires us to not only work humanely, but in a symbiotic fashion that benefits all involved. The result? Food that’s exceptionally fresh and delicious, better for the planet and you.

Our partnership agreements are made with intention and every farmer who is selected already displays a steadfast commitment to doing right by people, animals, and the planet. We work with them constantly to make sure our highest standards are met in all areas of their operations and processes, every single day. 

Tabula Rasa Farms

“Tabula Rasa” simply means clean slate, but there’s another meaning that applies to the farm itself: “Something existing in its original pristine state.” Tabula Rasa lives up to its name, farming according to nature and maintaining the land in its original state. The Carlton farm raises grass-fed and grass-finished cattle, heritage breed hogs, and pasture-raised laying hens in a fertile ecosystem mostly untouched by the human hand. The farm is all about holistic agriculture, pursuing both permaculture and regenerative farming techniques. The result is a nutrient-rich system of healthy soils, happy animals, and nourishing food.

Owner Brenda Smola-Foti was raised on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma before becoming an artist. She moved to the Willamette Valley in 2008 to pursue her agricultural calling in full. She considers herself a steward as much as a farmer.

Coleman Farms

Steve Coleman and his family have been raising beef in Molalla since 1984.  He has passed his love of cattle, the land, and his hard work ethic down to his children and grandchildren, many of whom still live nearby and work with him on their ranch.   

Our relationship with Coleman Ranch began in 2005 when our demand for high quality, 100% Grass-Fed Beef outpaced capacity. This rewarding relationship is the cornerstone of Source Farms’ outstanding beef brand.

Cody Wood

Cody’s farm in the Willamette Valley is the home to about 1,000 breeding ewes.  In even a brief chat with him, his dedication and knowledge are obvious.  Not only about his flock, but also the forages necessary to create the optimal, succulent lamb that Source Farms customers expect.  Hosting thousands of sheep is no small feat.  He rotates his flock over hundreds of acres and experiments with seed diversity and cover crops to keep the land healthy and his sheep in top condition.

Daniel Helland

In 2020 Daniel Helland completed an intense five month internship at Polyface Farms in Virginia. After returning to Oregon, he went straight to work for about two years at Tabula Rasa Farms, involving himself in all of their livestock, gardening, permaculture and water retention projects.

Now he is taking his experience from both farms to his hometown of Sweet Home, Oregon, where he and his brothers raise chicken, breed pigs, grow vegetables, milk cows, and whatever else their hands find to do! Daniel's farm supplies Source Farms with some of our chickens. At the end of the day Daniel considers himself a steward, responsible to leave the land better than when he found it.


Ocean Beauty Seafoods began in 1910 as a small Seattle seafood shop. They are committed to quality, sustaining fisheries and communities, and ensuring food safety and traceability.

Popsie Fish Co. provides Source Farms with sustainably, wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon. Three generations of fishers have been working hard since 1987 to provide delicious seafood from their family to yours.  

As Source Farms grows, we'll continue to update you with our family of farmers, so you always know where your purchases are coming from.

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