Regenerating the Earth, Together.

It all started with coming together. Source Farms was born in the Willamette Valley, when Tabula Rasa Farms and Kookoolan Farms teamed up. The goal was specific and equally shared: to change the way people eat via delicious, responsibly-raised meat.

That’s the mantra that continues to guide our work today, which now includes several farms throughout the valley and sustainably-caught seafood from the nearby Pacific Ocean. We believe in leveraging both our agroecology experience and our tight partnerships to create a better food system. We know that with the right model in place, we can eat well, do well for the animals and the environment, and carve out an agricultural method that’s built to last.

We know that when you nourish the land and its inhabitants, it nourishes back. Our farmers don’t just grow food, we raise it, with community health in mind. And by community we mean big picture interconnectedness, from livestock and wild salmon to farmers and consumers. We lead with integrity so that you know exactly what’s on your plate.

Source Farms is a part of
The Ground

Founded by Frank and Brenda Foti and located in Yamhill County, Oregon, The Ground is an evolving collection of destinations and experiences designed to help species connect in harmony with one another.

The Ground’s vision is rooted in the knowledge that the land is host to us all, and the awareness that humans are, in fact, part of nature. The goal is to provide loving hospitality in service to all species.  The farm is all about holistic agriculture, pursuing both permaculture and regenerative farming techniques.

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