Custom Pork Shares

This year, we are raising Red Wattle Hogs and Heritage Cross Hogs at our founding farm, Tabula Rasa Farms.

Our winter batch of hogs were tucked into the Korean Natural Farming Piggery for the cold and wet winter months, mimicking their natural environment while staying dry and warm in the frigid weather. They get regular treats from our garden and restaurant, including apples and pumpkins, along with other garden scraps. This style piggery is a microbially-inoculated deep litter system that utilizes layers of biochar, logs, wood chips, and sawdust. Plus, the heat from the natural composting keeps them nice and warm. 

The spring-fall Heritage Cross Hogs are raised on a Silvopasture system (the deliberate integration of trees and grazing livestock operations on the same land). Rotational grazing is a key management activity when using silvopasture in order to minimize damage to trees, and maximize vegetative plant growth and harvest. This system can also provide an attractive landscape with an aesthetically pleasing “park-like” setting —that both the pigs and the farmers can enjoy!

Deposits: Buying meat in bulk as a share is the most economical way to source the highest quality meat, raised regeneratively, and in direct support of your land stewards. Requiring a deposit will allow us to sustainably plan the herd with our farming partners, ensuring they will have the correct amount of animals at the time of harvest. 

More About Heritage Cross Hogs

Tabula Rasa Farms works to select a blend of heritage breeds that are best suited to the land. These pigs have long flat backs (great for long bellies of bacon), tall legs with strong shoulders and hams, and long snouts perfect for foraging across hilly pastures and forests. Their meat is fine-grained, well-marbled, and absolutely delicious. 

They enjoy non-GMO, corn-and-soy-free grains locally sourced & milled; organic vegetable & fruit seconds from the garden; local hazelnuts, grape skins and apples from local vineyards and cider houses when available. Their diet is rounded out with anything they forage for in the Coastal foothills of the farm, including grubs, acorns, roots, grass, leaves, and more. 

Hanging weight will be around 240lbs. Shares available in July.

Whole $1,999 (finish weight 70-80lbs)

Half: $1,000

More About Red Wattles

This year's batch of Red Wattle Shares are sold out. You can still purchase Red Wattle pork cuts individually at our farm stand in Yamhill.

Red Wattles have a reddish hue to the meat that is unlike the regular pink-hued meat you’d regularly find and is often described as robust and earthy, well-marbled with a highly sought-after tenderness. Red Wattle pork is often noted as having an earthy, vegetal taste with hints of cinnamon and spice. It’s an incredibly unique flavor, and is hard to find in most stores. We’re very excited to offer is breed of pork this year!

Not Quite Ready for a Share?

We understand purchasing a herd share is a big decision. Our team is here to answer any and all questions you may have about shares. Email us at, give us a call at 503-730-7535, or stop by the Yamhill farm stand and we'll happily help you.

If you're not ready to make that commitment, we recommend trying out a curated box!

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