Grass-Fed Lamb

100% grass-fed lamb, responsibly raised in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley

Our spring lambs spend their days roaming and grazing on lush pastures. In the winter they graze over rye grass fields, and in the summer they graze clover fields. Source Farms lambs won’t eat a single grain in their lifetime, just as nature intended.

Grazing on all this lush goodness creates finely textured and flavorful meat that cooks evenly—perfect for celebratory roasts or casual weeknight grills.

The 2024 lamb season is shaping up to be our most spectacular yet. We have a limited number of shares available in the spring, late summer, and early fall.

Deposits: Buying meat in bulk as a share is the most economical way to source the highest quality meat, raised regeneratively, and in direct support of your land stewards. Requiring a deposit will allow us to sustainably plan the herd with our farming partners, ensuring they will have the correct amount of animals at the time of harvest. 

Approx. $300-350 (priced per pound)

Lamb half shares are not customizable. See half lamb cut details below.

Deposit Required: $30

Half Lamb Cuts

- Lamb chops (3/4” thick), 4 count
- Ribs in 3 rib sections, 2 count
- Leg roasts, 3-4lb, 2 count
- Shoulder roast
- Shank
- Ground lamb, 1-2lb
- Stew meat, 1-2lb
- Half neck, sliced

Farmer Tip:

Round out your half lamb share with additional retail cuts. We love adding a few more pounds of ground lamb for the freezer plus a rack of lamb if you’re planning a special occasion meal.

Freezer space: Lamb half shares take up about 1.25 cu ft. They fit in the door of a standard household freezer.

Whole Lamb
Approx. $600-700 (priced per pound)

Whole shares are entirely customizable.

From a rack of lamb and rib chops to a leg of lamb and sirloin cut for kebabs, simply choose the cuts you like most and have the rest made into ground lamb and/or stew meat. We’ll customize your whole share according to your needs—absolutely free of charge.

Farmer tip: If you’re unsure of the cuts you’d like, we can simply double the cuts that are in the half share.

Freezer space: Whole lamb share takes up 2.5 cu ft. — imagine two freezer doors worth of space.

Deposit Required: $50

Not Quite Ready for a Share?

We understand purchasing a herd share is a big decision. Our team is here to answer any and all questions you may have about shares. Email us at, give us a call at 503-730-7535, or stop by the Yamhill Farm Stand and we'll happily help you.

If you're not ready to make that commitment, we recommend trying out our Curated Lamb Box below!

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