Beef Shares

Buying a share is a sustainable, ethical way to eat meat, because you’re directly supporting local farmers who use regenerative farming practices. Shares ensure that the whole animal is used, significantly reducing food waste.

These Black Angus Beef shares are available for pick up this month - in Oregon only. Don't miss out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pick up my share?

You can always pick up at our farm stand in Yamhill, but email us at if you're interested in picking up at one of our farmers markets instead!

What does grass-fed and grass-finished mean?

All beef and lamb sold by Source Farms is grass-fed and grass-finished. 

Grass-fed and grass-finished means simply that. Any animal that is labeled this way has only consumed grass in their lifetime. The two animals that only eat grass are lambs and cattle. Both these animals are ruminants, meaning they have multiple stomachs with their own microbiomeswhich allow the sugars within pasture grass and hay to be converted to energy and mass. 

What is a "share"?

It’s simple, really. A beef share is a whole, half, quarter or eighth of a cow—bought directly from the farmers who raised it. It’s a great way to buy fresh-from-the-farm beef, affordably and sustainably. Shares are priced by hanging weight (the weight of the cow after harvest)

A share seems like a lot of meat. How do I know if I have enough freezer room for it? 

We get it! We want to make sure you have space before you pick up your share. Below breaks it out for you. FYI, beef keeps well in the freezer for at least two years, so pack that thing full! 

  • Half beef - requires an 11-cubic-foot freezer. 
  • Quarter beef - requires a 5-cubic-foot freezer. 
  • Eighth beef - fits in your standard kitchen refrigerator/freezer with room to spare.