Although we do not raise the seafood ourselves, we strive to work directly with family-run fishing outfits with sustainability practices that align with ours. We receive all seafood through our distributor Ocean Beauty.

We have Salmon, Halibut, Oregon Bay Shrimp, Mexican Jumbo Shrimp, Cod, Scallops, and Oregon Rockfish available for purchase at our Farm Store. All items are certified sushi and sashimi safe.

All species will retain quality for up to a year in the freezer, except for the Oregon Rockfish which will only last for about 6 months.

Our Seafood Offerings

We regularly carry 7 species of seafood.

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon - Sourced from Popsie Fish Company from Bristol Bay Alaska. These fish are caught off the beach in set-nets, put on ice immediately after being caught, and are processed and flash frozen within hours of being caught. Sockeye salmon is one of the healthiest, most sustainable fish proteins on the planet. 

Alaskan Cod - Sourced from the Alaska Seafood Company. Line caught and Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) at sea. This is an economical fish with a delicate, flaky structure and a mild flavor. 

Alaska Halibut - Sourced from Orca Bay FoodsLine caught, IQF at sea. Halibut is a luxury fish with a high price point but is prized for its delicate flavor and texture. Halibut has low saturated fat and mercury content, which makes it an exceedingly healthy choice. 

North Atlantic Sea Scallops - Sourced from Bristol Seafoods, sustainably harvested in the Gulf of Maine. IQF. These scallops are about the diameter of a quarter; bite sized and tender, they are great for an entree or appetizer.

Mexican Jumbo Shrimp - Sourced from Mexican ShrimpParadise. These shrimps are harvested from the only shrimping waters in North America still rated “Yellow” by the Marine Stewardship Council. They are peeled and deveined with the tail intact making them convenient, they have a sweet flavor and are suited for a variety of dishes. Individually Quick Frozen at sea. 

Oregon Bay Shrimp - Sourced from Bornstein Seafoods. These bay shrimps are cooked and thaw in minutes, making them a good option for a quick and easy meal. IQF and sustainably caught in Oregon waters. 

Oregon Rockfish-This is a locally grown, economical fish that is versatile in the kitchen. Good for fish tacos or fish and chips. Filets are IQF and packed locally. We only offer rockfish filets by the case, not by the individual portion.

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