Responsibly Raised

Large Pork Box


All the flavors and textures our heritage breed Berkshire pork has to offer. Our forested pork is versatile, sensational, and can be the star in a cast of international dishes. Try a spicy breakfast of Papas con Chorizo with our vibrant Chorizo, take a trip to the Bavarian alps and perfect your schnitzel recipe with boneless sirloin chops, or throw together some Bratwurst and sauerkraut along a beer and a pretzel for an instant Oktoberfest! The smoked and never cured sweetheart hams make the perfect base for split pea soup, and the smoked andouille is an indispensable ingredient in Louisiana style gumbo or jambalaya.  whole world of porcine delights waits for you inside this box!

Includes: 4 Rib Chops w/bone in (approx. 1/2lb each), 4 Loin Chops w/bone in (approx. 1/2lb each), 9 packages of Ground Pork (1lb each), 1 Butt Roast (approx. 3.5lbs), 2 packages Chorizo Sausage (1lb each), 2 packages of Bacon (approx. 1.5lbs), 2 packages of Country Breakfast Sausage (approx. 1.5lbs), 1 package of Bratwurst (1lb), 1 package of Andouille Sausage (1lb), 1 Picnic Roast (approx. 3lbs), 1 Smoked Ham (approx. 2.5lbs), 2 packages of Sirloin Chop (approx. 1.5lbs), 2 packages of Spare Ribs (approx. 1.75lbs), 1 Pork Tenderloin (approx. .6lbs)

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Responsibly Raised Meats

From 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured poultry, forested pork, to sustainable wild-caught seafood and vegetables in season — Source Farms is your go-to for high-quality ingredients, raised responsibly by real farmers in the Willamette Valley and fisherman in the Pacific Northwest. Here, you’ll always find deliciously good food that you can feel great about eating, no matter what you’re cooking up in the kitchen.