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Dexter Beef Shares,
Regeneratively Raised

Dexter beef shares are perfect for smaller families.  This calm yet hearty breed originally from Ireland is smaller than your average cow, offering more small family-friendly cuts. So if you are worried about freezer space or portion size—these shares could be just right for you! 

Why Dexter Shares

These Dexter Beef Shares were raised by our founding farm, Tabula Rasa Farms, in Carlton. Founder Brenda Smola-Foti chose to raise this breed of cattle first and foremost because of the great meat quality. Dexter cattle are calm and easy to handle, as well as being hardy & forage efficient, making them perfect for the Willamette Valley climate. Dexters are about a third smaller than our typical beef share. We take pride in this heritage breed for their beautiful marbling, rich flavor and distinctive minerality.

Share Options

We are offering three options for Dexters: Whole or half shares which can be custom cut to your specifications, or our Split Quarter Sampler that has a standardized cut scheme and offers a good selection of cuts from both the front and hind quarters.

Where a whole angus beef has a hanging weight around 650 pounds, a Dexter will hang at around 425 pounds.


These shares are limited and will be available in late June.


Whole shares - $7.30/lb

Half shares - $7.56/lb

Split Quarter Sampler Shares - $8.12/lb


About Tabula Rasa Farms

“Tabula Rasa” simply means clean slate, but there’s another meaning that applies to the farm itself: “Something existing in its original pristine state.” Tabula Rasa lives up to its name, farming according to nature and maintaining the land in its original state. The Carlton farm raises grass-fed and grass-finished cattle, heritage breed hogs, and pasture-raised laying hens in a fertile ecosystem mostly untouched by the human hand. The farm is all about holistic agriculture, pursuing both permaculture and regenerative farmingtechniques. The result is a nutrient-rich system of healthy soils, happy animals, and nourishing food.

Why Source Farms?


Better for you, better for the planet. Grass-fed meats are delicious, well-marbled and richer in Omega 3s, Vitamin E & D, and CLA.

Plus, positive environmental impacts: fewer fossil fuels used in production, more land in permanent pastures and less in frequently plowed row crops that require more chemicals, more fossil fuels and more irrigation.

Locally Raised

Source Farms products have all been raised responsibly by real farmers, carefully selected, in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

As an established regenerative farm, Tabula Rasa Farms sets the tone, pace, and expectations as we select other rancher partners to be a part of the network of Source Farms beef producers.

Have Questions?

What is a share?

Simply put, a share is a whole, half, quarter, eighth, or sixteenth of an animal—bought directly from our farmers. Since you’re supporting farms committed to using practices that care for animals and the planet, shares are one of the best ways to purchase meat in a sustainable, ethical way.

Learn more about beef shares HERE.

What do the cows eat?

All beef sold by Source Farms is grass-fed and grass-finished. 

Grass-fed and grass-finished means simply that. Any animal that is labeled this way has only consumed grass in their lifetime. The two animals that only eat grass are lambs and cattle. Both these animals are ruminants, meaning they have multiple stomachs with their own microbiomeswhich allow the sugars within pasture grass and hay to be converted to energy and mass. 

What does "regenerative" mean?

In short, regenerative agriculture involves farming practices that work with nature, rather than against it. By adopting farming techniques that mimic natural cycles, regenerative agriculture can build healthy soil, restore biodiversity and sequester carbon from the atmosphere, all while producing nutritious food.