Free-Range Duck

The highest quality poultry available in the Pacific Northwest, our ducks enjoy rambling and grazing on lush green pastures, supplemented by 100% certified organic feed.

All this fresh grass along with nutritious organic feed produces rich, subtly flavored meat. 

Pekin ducks generally have a milder flavor than other breeds raised for meat, making them broadly palatable. In addition to being high in protein, it is also high in iron, selenium, vitamin D, Omega-3s, Niacin, and B-12. Since nearly all the fat is contained between the skin and the meat, if this is rendered off, and the skin is removed before eating, duck can be leaner than chicken. 

A highly seasonal and popular offering, our duck pairs perfectly with a selection of our market garden vegetables and your favorite red wine.

Duck Pricing

Whole Ducks

Approx. $9.50/lb

Duck harvest season is limited to April this year. We’ll have a limited number of birds available, so we encourage you to put your order in as soon as possible. 

Free-Range Chicken

We will only take reservations for Whole and Halved Chicken in multiples of 5 birds in the 5-7lb range only. 

Chickens are sold at a flat rate.

$259.99 for a Share of 5 Whole Chickens

$279.99 for a share of 5 Halved Chickens

Bring It Home

Swing by our Yamhill farm store for immediate pickup.


Collect it at one of our farmer’s markets (in McMinnville, Happy Valley, or Tigard).

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